Month: April 2018

3 older women having a coffee and smiling

We love to tell and listen to stories

Storytelling has been around since before humans were Homo sapiens. We tell stories to relate events and important news, to entertain, to keep our cultures and communities strong, and to make sense of our lives. Telling our stories has become more popular than ever as our culture embraces the personal story on talk shows and…
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older person with glasses looking down

Objects that tell a story

Junius Stephenson slowly and carefully takes out the drafting instruments from the felt-lined box. He explains how each one was used in his work as an engineer designing solid waste disposal systems. Now, of course, everything is done more quickly on computers, but maybe we miss out on something real and tangible when we don’t…
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two older people family photo

Honor Our Elders

Who are the elders in our families and communities? Often, they are people who have paved the way for the things we take for granted now. The oldest has been through the depression, suffered through the holocaust, or fought in World War II. Some have broken through racial or gender barriers to take their place…
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