Month: January 2021

an interview setting between a woman and a man

How to Shoot Video Like a Pro: Tip #4: Shooting an Interview

Note: These a just the highlights. For the full text, get my ebook: How to Shoot Video Like a Pro: 12 Tips For Using the Camera You Have. Send an email with your request to   If you have a DSLR, you may want to use these settings: 50mm, and F-stop: 5.6. These settings…
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a man is holding a camera, other photography tools on table

12 Tips to Shoot Video Like a Pro. Tip#3: Prepare Your Gear

The day before your shoot, charge your batteries for your camera and microphones. Days before, make sure you have all the equipment you need, giving yourself time to borrow, buy, or rent what you need. Do you have several SD cards? Does the camera fit onto the tripod (do you have the necessary plate that…
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a woman is writing on a paper

12 Tips to Shoot Video Like a Pro. Tip#2: Prepare for the Shoot and the Interview

Before you shoot, think of and write down the questions you want to ask your subject. Make sure the questions are open ended, not short answer. Example short answer questions:  When did you start making your own lotions? Answer: 5 years ago. Do you enjoy the process of making the lotions? Answer: Yes, very much.…
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story board of driving a car

12 Tips to Shoot Video Like a Pro. Tip #1: Make a Shot List or Draw a Storyboard

Planning ahead can change your shoot from poor to excellent. After reading through all these tips of what to shoot, you’ll have a better idea of the specific shots you want. Here is an example of a shot list: Wide Shot (WS) of subject (S) walking to car, opening door, getting in and closing door,…
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