Month: February 2021

a man sitting on a couch and talking in front of a camera

How to Shoot Video Like a Pro – Tip#8: Shot Composition – Background, Depth

1. Background Pay attention to what is behind your subject. It should be pleasing and not distracting. It should not draw the viewer’s attention away from the main subject. Avoid clutter and mess and add something meaningful and nice, like a plant, one framed photo, or one special object. DO NOT let a plant or…
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a woman face and a grid

How to Shoot Video Like a Pro – Tip #7: Shot Composition – Rule of Thirds

Most people have heard of The Rule of Thirds. Divide the screen into an imaginary grid of 2 vertical lines and 2 horizontal lines equally spaced. This gives you 3 sections in each direction, or 9 sections total. The places where these lines intersect is the best place to frame the most important part of…
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the letter B made from cinema film

How to Shoot Video Like a Pro – Tip #6: Plan to Shoot a lot of B-Roll

What is B-Roll? Any supplementary video that is considered secondary to your primary footage, such as the interview. B-Roll is the industry lingo for shots that are not of the interview or main action. This footage is essential for editing. (We will learn more about shooting for the sake of editing in tips 11 and…
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a smart phone making a video

How to Shoot Video Like a Pro – Tip #5: How to Hold Your Camera

Note: These a just the highlights. For the full text, get my ebook: How to Shoot Video Like a Pro: 12 Tips For Using the Camera You Have. Send an email with your request to   Hold your camera steady. Use the strap for stabilization – make it tight enough. Put your left hand…
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