Sail Heron

Sailing from Rockport, Maine, the Schooner Heron takes passengers on a lovely sail around the bay.

CLC Consulting 

Curtis Chambers, Financial Health Counselor, leads us through helping clients get out of debt and become financially healthy.

Libby Schrum Design

Libby Schrum, furniture maker, shows us the process of making a mid-century modern chair and talks about what she enjoys in the process.

Marcia Gomes

Marcia Gomes, singer/songwriter, talks about her new CD while playing her beautiful songs.

Garden Work Day

It’s the first work day of spring and the neighbors are out preparing the ground and sowing seeds at the Leland Cooperative Garden.


As Emmet and Alex prepare the ground for a new shed, Alex finds potatoes from years ago.

Stories From The Past

Eva May Alming

Eva May Alming

Eva May Alming reminisces about camping by the ocean.

Junius Stephenson

Junius Stephenson, retired engineer, describes the tools he used in drafting.

Memoir Films

Personal Story Films makes beautiful, unique memoir films, a priceless gift for the whole family.

Larry Sharp

Larry talks about his love of small town life.

Julias Child

Henning bakes a favorite Danish shortbread cookie.

Linda Story

Linda Story relishes the childhood memory of yearly picnics.

Ecotourism In Costa Rica

Ecotourism In Costa Rica

Lisa explores ecotourism in Costa Rica during a visit to Hacienda Baru.



Eva talks about her family leaving Denmark at the outset of WW2.

Anne and Martha

Marcia 4 Stories

Marcia Sharp shares four humorous stories of her childhood.

Larry Sharp

Henning on Sailing

Henning talks about his love of sailing and how he taught his three daughters to sail.

Mowing the Lawn

Mowing the Lawn

Steve gets out his riding lawnmower and enjoys taking care of his yard.

Henning at the Wharf

Henning enjoys meeting the ferry and riding in a motorboat at Cliff Island.

Create Your Story Today.


Bottling Ragtime at LPV

At Lincoln Peak Vineyard in Vermont, a behind the scenes look at the process of bottling wine.

Gary Staining the house

Gary Sagario spent many hours staining the cabin in Maine.

The cliffs of Cliff