How to Shoot Video Like a Pro – Bonus Tip: Let the Subject Enter and Exit the Frame

Hold the Camera Still. Most amateur shooters will follow the action everywhere it goes. This causes jerky video. Also, how do you make a clean edit between a shot of the person (or dog) in the frame while the camera is in motion and another similar shot?

Here’s a trick: let the subject exit the frame, then quickly swoosh your camera over to a different spot where they are just about to enter the frame. If you are in control of the action, set up your shots so there is an empty frame before the subject walks in and after they exit, holding the camera steady. Then reposition for the next section of the action. For example, one shot could be a person walking up the stairs toward an apartment building. They enter and exit the shot. Tell them to stop. Then set up your camera over at the door. Roll camera. Action! The subject will enter the frame, open the door, and go inside, exiting the shot. Cut!

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