How to Shoot Video Like a Pro – Tip #12 – Shoot to Edit B: Let it Roll!

When you are shooting things that you make happen, such as actions you can get your subject to do, plan on doing multiple takes. First of all, you want to make sure you have a good version. Second, you want a variety of shots and angles of the same thing. For example, when my client was going into a building, I shot him going up the steps several times. I also got his feet on the steps, his shadow on the wall, and a close up of his hand opening the door. Same action, many shots to edit together so it’s lively and interesting in the edited version.

Record more, not less. Make sure the camera is recording before the action starts. You want to make sure that you capture everything and have choices about exactly where to start a shot in the editing. For the same reason, you should hold shots for an extra 3 seconds (longer than you think necessary). When shooting a cutaway, hold the shot for 10 seconds. (Use a tripod if possible. If not, give it extra time to make sure you have a few non-shaky seconds.) When shooting an interview, let the camera roll before you start asking questions, and keep rolling after you think they are done answering a question. Great stuff can happen during those times. Let it roll! For more tips about shooting, get my eBook How to Shoot Video Like a Pro: 12 Tips For Using the Camera You Have. Send an email with your request to [email protected]

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