How to Shoot Video Like a Pro – Tip #6: Plan to Shoot a lot of B-Roll

What is B-Roll? Any supplementary video that is considered secondary to your primary footage, such as the interview. B-Roll is the industry lingo for shots that are not of the interview or main action. This footage is essential for editing. (We will learn more about shooting for the sake of editing in tips 11 and 12.)

When you are editing a video about a person or business, you usually have a lot of interview footage. Staring at people’s faces for the whole interview is boring. Add interest by shooting cutaways, a form of B-Roll. For example, relevant things in the room, such as books or photos on a shelf, certificates, or the subject’s hands gesturing.

You can avoid jump cuts, too.

For more on great B-Roll and how to use it, see my eBook. “How to Shoot Video Like a Pro: 12 Tips for using the Camera You Have.” Send an email with your request to [email protected]

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