Visual and Aural/Oral Storytelling

My passion is for telling stories, both visually and through sound. When I interview people, I elicit their stories, whether it is about their business or their lives. Stories are one of the ways we connect deeply to each other and the world. As human beings, we crave stories, going back to our origins as beings with proto-language who told stories with gestures around the fire. Tell me about how you overcame that hardship? What happened when… What makes you, you?

 Stories can also be told through still and moving pictures. How was that house built, that piece of furniture made, how did the person get from A-Z? What was his growth and how is it visible in the picture? What did she just do and what is she going to do next? Can you show me how you go about healing someone with your particular modalities? Then there is the natural sound of the action told through the film. I make sure the sound has its moments, to draw the viewer right into the story.

 My favorite thing when editing is to weave the visual story together with the spoken story and the natural sound. They may be exactly the same or just converge in moments. Sometimes the sound of the action is in the foreground, sometimes the person’s interview and face are at the fore. This creates a full and rich portrait of a person, their livelihood and their life. What stories do you have to tell? Were there obstacles that you overcame, adventures you went on, relationships that had ups and downs? What is it that fills your days? Tell me, I want to hear.

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