What is a Video Business Card?

The Video Business Card (VBC) is the primary offering of Personal Story Films. It is the signature statement of who you are as a business. It goes beyond that, however. In 2-3 minutes we answer these questions:

  • What is your name and business?
  • Why did you start your business? (Your deepest “why”)
  • How does your business work?
  • Whom do you help with your business?
  • What do you enjoy about it?
  • How does it provide you with satisfaction or even joy?

The VBC includes the interview – the best parts of your answers to the above questions. But it is not just talking heads – we capture you in action! We want to show your audience what you do and how you work. This may seem mundane to you but it is fascinating to others. Behind the scenes videos are known to engage your audience and humanize your brand.

At Personal Story Films we weave several elements together (interview, action, music, and natural sound) into a seamless and engaging short film. The professional look and feel of the video showcases you at your best. The VBC draws people to care about you and your business in a personal way. This leads to brand loyalty and a heightened interest in exploring what you have to offer, which leads to increased sales.

The Video Business Card can be placed on the front page of your website, posted to social media (we make a 1-minute version for Instagram), included in e-newsletters, and more. It is not our only offering but it is a terrific place to start your video marketing journey.

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