Why I love capturing stories on film

Montage from Personal Story Films on Vimeo.

There are many media for recording memories – video, writing, oral history audio, cookbooks, scrapbooks, photographs, and more. My favorite, of course, is film or video.  Why? It is rich and full, personal and beautiful.  It allows you to capture that special grin of his, the way she uses her hands to tell a story, his unique sense of humor, her deep laugh, his old hands that you love, or her talent in playing the piano. It brings the stories to life along with the personality of the storyteller.  I was very grateful to have filmed my father telling many stories about his life. He talked about bicycling off in the middle of the night to do rifle training with members of the Danish resistance. He told me about the shortages of food and other goods, and how he learned to make do. I captured these stories and many more, as well as his love of nature, forests and sailing, his knack for building and woodworking, and his steadfastness as a husband, father, and grandfather, and his wishes for his daughters. His full personality comes through, with his dry sense of humor, Danish accent, intelligent and unique phrasing, and the kind spirit that shines from his eyes. I am convinced: If you really want to be able to remember the individual you love, go with film.   Contact us to get started. www.personal story films.com

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